Haifa Hermitage Wine Boutique

Michele Simeone
The HERMITAGE store in Israel sells alcohol, wine, cigars and related products, with a magnificent and inspiring display that combines specialized shops, gallery floor and gourmet restaurant. The design of the complex describes a unique shopping experience, a kind of modern temple for wine and alcohol. The meticulous planning included an intelligent division of the spaces - which together create a natural flow and flow in space and on the other hand, are differentiated and each has its own concept and statement. Already at the entrance to the central space, a dramatic atmosphere was planned by defining an entrance lobby that is immediately exposed to a wide space with a high ceiling of no less than six meters. A boulevard with a rocky floor was also designed to display the vast selection of alcohol.

Display walls from floor to ceiling merging in the dramatic and powerful mirror, including a decorative black ceiling. A green granite floor that embraces the whole complex has been cut in special dimensions for the project in Greece and polished to create a classic look that progresses over time. The display shelves are meticulous and rich in appearance, made of a variety of black oak, combined with brass and LED lighting designed to set the details of the selected alcohol at the center of the stage and will vary according to the nature of the events taking place in the complex. The columns in the center are covered with powerful basalt blocks, whose vertical shape enhances the height of the space. In addition, they create a border between the display shelves. In the center of the space stand stands with perfect symmetry that include all the good of alcohol and wine.

In order to define the central space, a boulevard was designed by covering the columns made of sterile basalt tiles, preceded by iron corinth columns.The box office area was designed as a luxurious and comfortable monumental wall that blends well with the overall design concept. The main space leads to specialized niche stores that are also separated by the height of the ceilings. A separate room was also set up for selling cheese and quality cold cuts from around the world and nuts. The floor is made of black basalt black. The walls and ceiling of the space are faithful to a clear concept of white purity that corresponds to the cheeses. The details of the carpentry, as well as the decorative ceiling, which is also painted white, create a rich and appetizing architectural appearance. The wine area combines a room for aging wines, which overlooks the main hall. It was designed as a wine cave, in modern interpretation, which includes niches in which the bottles are embedded horizontally.The space, all covered with light tassos and the decorative ceiling painted black. Both elements create an up-to-date and prestigious look that is faithful to the quality of the wines in it. In the space are light poles of brass. The beer industry has its own dedicated room with a transparent vitrine overlooking the central space. The exclusive cigar room has also been carefully planned. The space, which includes hand-made cigars and is considered especially prestigious, overlooks the main hall with transparent glass walls separating them. Here, a light oak with a light cream combined with brass was designed. The FISHBONE floor is made of walnut parquet in a space-absorbing style, as are the luxurious leather armchairs that allow the buyers to sit comfortably, choose the cigars and stay in constant contact with the main store space.

The spacious liqueur room is located on the inside of the complex. It is characterized by a dramatic appearance, with a black ceiling in the center that characterizes the central space. From this room and in a separate wing, stands a staircase leading to the gallery of tasting and guidance of the complex. The gallery floor is designed in a clean and dramatic style as one of the sessions for training and tasting, including a VIP lounge on this floor, a comfortable and pampering area that includes a rich and prestigious bar. Below the gallery floor is the restaurant, La ALTO, the meat and seafood, with two entrances - one directly from the complex itself and one from the street.