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Tal Adot
What is a house? Do you want a warm and spacious home where you can enjoy it? That will contain your "sitting" corner with the right light that suits reading? That he will feel warm and enveloping, that he will have enough storage space, that everyone can sit together in the living room and yet everyone will have his place?
The house should serve us and be the source of our tranquility, it must be adapted to our way of life, pleasant, bright, quiet, calm and contains all the residents and guests. Functional house with private spaces and public spaces for all members of the family. A house, an island of happiness, peace and quiet.

Architect Tal Adot says that many times new clients call her and ask for a solution to the problem, "how do we meet all our needs when there's no space, and how do we start?" So, a home is not a "problem" but an amazing potential for change and providing solutions to the many needs that are part of family life. Edut believes that a key part of the design process is "learning how you live, what you care about, how you want to live and which direction to take the right planning for you. With your understanding and familiarity with you and understanding the potential of space, you can plan a precise home for your "size." Which maintains cleanliness and warmth, with precise elegance, with lots of natural light and air directions.

Tal Adot's office specializes in architectural planning in urban urban design, while focusing on planning a warm and protective home amidst the bustle of the busy city and providing a functional and flexible solution in a reality of shortage of space. Many years of experience, dozens of municipal projects and a great deal of knowledge in the field make the office your warm home.

The office staff and high quality professionals who accompany the firm along the way, including contractors, carpenters, aluminum personnel and more, bring to each project tremendous knowledge and investment in detail so that many times the changes create and transform the changes in space completely in order to suit your use perfectly. A home that moves to live requires the use of the right materials, the appropriate lighting, the design of openings suitable for the home and the external environment, the adaptation of precise colors and the creation of a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The design of Tal Adot creates a uniqueness that will characterize only your home, which is intended for you, and not a client from the journal or an advertisement, but rather from life itself. Our challenge is to create together the house you enjoy living in for many years.

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