Michele Simeone

Architecture and Interior Design

"A man who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist"
Michele Simaune, architect and interior designer, grew up in Rome and the capital of Italy. He holds a master's degree in architecture, graduated from La Sapienza, Roma, where he absorbed and learned to combine past, tradition, and history with the latest and innovative present of architectural design.

In the past decade Simona has moved his life center to Israel and opened a successful architectural office in the center of Tel Aviv. Today he works, lives and feels at home in both cultures and in both countries. Behind him are planning and accompanying a variety of projects of various types and sizes, including private homes and luxury apartments, shopping centers, boutique stores, luxury restaurants, office complexes and more.

"A man who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist"

One of the greatest sources of inspiration for architect Michele Simauna is his father, an artist who inflates Italian Moreno glass, from which he inherited the love for the material and the desire to touch it and turn it into a work of applied art. Perhaps inspired by the father, the materials he uses are mostly natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and iron.

"I believe that the architectural work is a combination of original and contemporaneous artistic work, with a functional space of significance and function in everyday life, and we must not forget that the success of the project depends on creating a common language with the client," says Simona. "In every project I learn to get to know the customer in depth in order to design the building according to his needs and dreams, to make it a one-time creation shared by the client and me."

What is important to you when you approach a new project?

"I think it's true that God is in the small details, my design starts with the architectural design of large spaces and buildings, and then I follow the micro level to the smallest detail - from choosing the furniture to the selection and location of the pictures on the wall and the mirrors in the bathroom.

In the buildings I create, it is important for me to create a dialogue with the roots of the history of architecture and art, but also to create and bring about a different, profound and inspiring language. I aim to instill in my projects a historical and cultural depth to allow users to feel, for a moment, that they transcend everyday life. "

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