home lighting

Proper lighting will lead to the right atmosphere in which the client is interested in each area of the house
Her suitability to the various spaces in the house will lead to the perfect result that you are interested in. Proper lighting will lead to the right atmosphere in which the client is interested in each area of the house. As of today there are different options of lighting thanks to the development of technology and anyone can choose the same bulbs and shades of light suitable for different parts of the house.

Lighting for the living room

The design of the lighting for the living room should include continuous lighting, mainly a large amount of light and lighting that creates the same "television" atmosphere suitable for the living room space. Here there are several options. The first option is to create an atmosphere using a body light or a wall that will be placed in the corner of the living room. The lighting fixtures suitable for ambience lighting in the living room are bright yellow and low-intensity. Another option is to illuminate the living room with a large lighting fixture that we hang or place in the center of the living room. A body with a ceiling is the ideal body in this case, because it manages to illuminate the entire living space. If the ceiling in the living room is very high, you can also choose a transparent and transparent lighting fixture that will illuminate all sides. A third option is to choose a submerged lighting (LED panel) and place it in a plaster ceiling. The bottom line: Lighting for the living room should have a strong lighting that will serve the family members who spend time together and engage in activities of reading and watching the living room TV.

Lighting for the dining area

The dining area is the meeting place for family and friends at special events, holidays and weekend meals. For this reason in a special place it is important to have a special and impressive lighting fixture. Here it is recommended to place a hanging and attractive lighting fixture that will attract the eye. The body depends on lighting production (illumination) focused on the dining room table. If you are talking about a long dining table, there is room for a long body lighting fixture that will illuminate the entire table. The goal here is a focused and unfocused illumination as it was in the living room.

Lighting for the home kitchen

Here the recommendation is for strong lighting. A strong light will illuminate all the work surfaces in the kitchen and make it easy to work with. You can use an economical fluorescent kitchen that comes in U profile or is covered with a plaster ceiling. You can also use a wall surface to create a uniform illumination in the kitchen as well as accumulations with spot (any amount you want), which will give certain areas of the kitchen a focused illumination (especially above the work surfaces in the kitchen). The right shade of light in the kitchen is white, a shade that will give you a sense of daylight. If there is an island in the kitchen, you can place above it a sunken lighting fixture that will turn it into a focused area in the kitchen. The bottom line: in the cooking area is measured lighting. Note that the lighting does not dazzle or create shadows and spot scattering to create an atmosphere.

Lighting for additional spaces in the house

Bedrooms - The ideal bedroom lighting is dimmer lighting, lighting fixtures with ceiling fans and wall lamps on the sides of the bed.
Bathrooms - The recommended lighting for the bathrooms is lighting fixtures suitable for wet rooms and bright lighting. Halogen lighting in the mirror area and sunken lighting.

Children's rooms - lighting suitable for children's rooms is hanging light fixtures and distribution of light spots.

In conclusion, any space in the house and the type of lighting appropriate to its nature, size and manner of use. Therefore, the recommendation is that before selecting lighting fixtures and adapting lighting to each of the home areas, consult with one of the specialized consultants of 'Exclusive Lighting', which imports lighting fixtures from recognized manufacturers in Europe, Lighting consulting for private homes and apartment owners, and even for the business sector. Good luck!